B A N N E R    art + revolution    jana wisniewski  

The world had become small, because information could be accessed from every point of the earth into word and picture and this not only time-delayed, but also in all languages. The knowledge of the world was stored and able to be called up through tiny mobile devices. The databases were complemented current and could be searched in different depth. Almost every manipulation had been automated, intelligent devices performed every way of work. Also the check of individual operation steps had been transmitted as far as possible to suitable robots. Only few people controlled the connections and invented new technologies. The categories city and country had no importance anymore, since the living rooms were just the same as the working spaces in mobile cells that were at any time movable, there and there temporary integrated, docked. All devices, all products, all services were everywhere available. No boundaries separated states, because the nation mixture had let appear no use to states, they had been eliminated. There were not any wars more and any discrimination of race or sex. Worldwide recognized political arrangements had made it possible that there were not any super rich men more, and no speculators, the profit maximizing was eliminated. The people measured their strengths in sport, game, science and art, in technical or handicraft work, at music and dance. One of the reasons, why there were not any wars more, was an agreement of all religions that  a common characteristic is spirit that shows difference. All problem of changing religion were solved, every religion became everywhere possible if she respected the human rights. A lack of Violence was an internationally recognized status. More and more people had imposed a philosophy of easy living the simple for themselves as correct, some lived with almost nothing in the nature, and found their gold in wisdom and passed things freely produced.