INTER-NETART: new wave 27. 09. 2012 um 19 Uhr, Künstlerhaus, 1010 Wien, Karlsplatz 5

Josephine Bosma: Nettitudes + post Internet art

Josephine Bosma (1962) is a journalist and critic who lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She focusses on art in the context of the Internet since 1993. While initially making radio shows and reports, her writing on net art and net culture has appeared in numerous magazines, books and catalogues, both on- and offline, since 1996. She co-edited the Nettime book README (Autonomedia 1999), the Next5Minutes3 workbook (N5M organization 1999) and briefly edited the online newsletter CREAM.


is an artist duo created in Vienna, Austria, by Lizvlx and Hans Bernhard, a founder of etoy.Behind UBERMORGEN.COM we can find one of the most unmatchable identities – controversial and iconoclast – of the contemporary European techno-fine-art avant-garde. Their open circuit of conceptual art, drawing, software art, pixelpainting, computer installations,, sculpture and digital activism (media hacking) transforms their brand into a hybrid Gesamtkunstwerk.